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The Steam Winter Sale

This post will be focused on the Steam Winter Sale and how Labyrinthine Dreams profited (or didn’t). This year, Steam did something a little different. Instead of having Daily Deals and Flash Sales, Steam had a flat sale the entire 2-week Winter Sale period. The hypothesis was that this new format would serve customers that might … Continue reading The Steam Winter Sale

Mark’s Top 10 Games of 2015

"2015 was a good year for gaming. I still don’t own a PS4 or Xbox One, so most of my gaming was done on PC. Fortunately, PC ports now come out alongside their console releases, and are often the definitive version. Other than missing out on a few exclusives (e.g. Bloodborne, Until Dawn), I was … Continue reading Mark’s Top 10 Games of 2015"

What We Can Learn From Classic Arcade Games

"I recently completed another pilgrimage to the holy land of classic gaming — Laconia, New Hampshire. This small, lakeside town really comes alive in the summer as people from the city travel up there to escape the heat and enjoy water fun on Lake Winnipesaukee. There is also one other small feature of Laconia that … Continue reading What We Can Learn From Classic Arcade Games"

Ori and the Blind Forest: Quick Review

"I just completed Ori and the Blind Forest in the last week. In short, Ori is a painstakingly crafted platformer in the style of classic 2D “Metroidvania” games from Moon Studios. I was first drawn in by the beautiful aesthetic and emotional intro that made me shed a manly tear. But I stuck around for … Continue reading Ori and the Blind Forest: Quick Review"

How to Unlock your Full Creative Potential

"Productivity is sort of a fascination of mine. I’m always looking for “productivity hacks” that allow me to get more done in less time. My biggest breakthrough was when I discovered that I was exponentially more productive during certain phases of development. These were times of great creativity and happiness. Naturally, I wanted to learn … Continue reading How to Unlock your Full Creative Potential"