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Stories and Tips from an Airbnb Veteran

I’ve used Airbnb since 2014 and have stayed at over a dozen homes now. I’ve had the full range of experiences from amazing to uneventful to full on nightmare. Fortunately, I’ve only had one really bad experience on Airbnb. It’s an amazing service and has changed my life in a lot of positive ways. It’s … Continue reading Stories and Tips from an Airbnb Veteran

The International House

"I’m staying at my favorite Airbnb, the International House in St Pete, during my move back north. It’s given me a chance to connect with other travelers again which is something I took for granted when I first moved down here. I made more contacts at the International House over 2 months than living in … Continue reading The International House"

On the Road Again

"I’m on the move again. I have all my belongings packed into the back of my SUV and I’m slowly making my way from Florida back up to Connecticut. I’m currently at my favorite cafe in St Pete, Bandit Coffee Co., drinking Green Sencha while working on this blog post. Over the last several years, … Continue reading On the Road Again"

A Blind Mind

"I’ve developed a lot of strange symptoms over the last ten years struggling with Lyme disease. Some of them come on so gradually that I don’t even recognize them until it becomes a problem. One I didn’t even know had a name until today. In the last few years, my neurological symptoms have worsened, and … Continue reading A Blind Mind"

Taking a Chance

"This blog was originally intended to be exclusively for game related posts but I find it stifling to write about a specific topic and so I never post on here anymore. It’s a waste of a blog space (and $$) so I’m going to make this blog more broad and try to post on here … Continue reading Taking a Chance"