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Taking a Chance

This blog was originally intended to be exclusively for game related posts but I find it stifling to write about a specific topic and so I never post on here anymore. It’s a waste of a blog space (and $$) so I’m going to make this blog more broad and try to post on here at least 3x/week. The focus will sometimes be on games, but also other topics, as well as what’s going on in my life.

I’ve been working on a blog post that has gotten ponderously long that I’ve only shared with a few close friends. It’s become a memoir of the last ten years of my life. It chronicles key events in the last ten years, such as publishing my own title, Labyrinthine Dreams, and working at a mobile game company and then a game publishing company. Also my struggles with depression, OCD, Chronic Lyme disease, and unemployment.

I get nervous sharing such personal details about my life. I don’t like sharing my personal struggles as I don’t think it’s something other people want to hear. I only got more confident about it once I started following James Altucher who makes a living out of bleeding on the page. He gave great advice that you shouldn’t publish unless you’re afraid. I tend to play it safe with my blog posts, but I feel like I’m stifling my inner voice.

The truth is I haven’t worked on a creative long term project in 5 years! I’ve been working on producing and promoting other people’s projects, but haven’t been able to create anything new of my own. The last project I worked intently on was World Remade for the 2014 IGMC. Since then, I’ve dabbled in projects, and put together outlines and design documents, but haven’t executed on them.

This is not because I’m too busy. I have an abundance of time right now. I’ve been held back by debilitating health symptom. It’s only recently that I’ve been able to write again between the arthritis in my joints and neurological issues from Lyme. I have written blog posts on here but they didn’t feel right sharing in this space, and so I sequestered them to a hidden blog I use as more of a diary. Now, it finally feels right to share my experiences publicly.

Writing this feels like I’m hitting a water vein in a desert. It’s therapeutic even sharing this little. In the future, I’ll try to balance writing posts like this and tag them accordingly so people that are only interested in reading my game focused articles can skip over them.

I can’t say I feel too afraid publishing this. It feels like I’m just dipping my toes in the water. If you made it this far, thanks for reading! Expect the next blog post in a few days.

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