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About Us

Solest Games is a small indie game studio comprised of Mark Conforti and Robert Glidden. Mark and Rob cut their teeth game making with RPG Maker 2000. The internet wasn’t as prolific back then, so they just shared their game creations with each other.

In 2005, the two teamed up to work on a new game for the just released RPG Maker XP. It would become the super hero RPG saga known as Master of the Wind. Mark took the role as game designer and Rob wrote the script for the game using the world he had created years prior for his past games. The game was finally completed in 2011. Over the years, Master of the Wind gained critical acclaim within the RPG Maker community, winning two GOTY awards at the hosted Misaos, including several other awards for both design and writing.

After a short break, Mark and Rob began production on X-Noir, a sci-fi noir themed action-RPG. During production, a spin-off was created that featured one of the NPCs. This would become Labyrinthine Dreams, their first commercial project.

Labyrinthine Dreams was completed and released in May 2014. It received a general positive review score on Steam. X-Noir was also completed that year and released for free on RMN.

For the 2014 Indie Game Maker Contest, the duo worked overtime on a the opening chapter of World Remade, a post-apocalyptic RPG set in the Solest universe. After the contest, work began on the next chapter, but production was halted due to internal concerns.

At the present time, production at Solest Games is inactive.