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On the Road Again

I’m on the move again. I have all my belongings packed into the back of my SUV and I’m slowly making my way from Florida back up to Connecticut. I’m currently at my favorite cafe in St Pete, Bandit Coffee Co., drinking Green Sencha while working on this blog post.

Over the last several years, I’ve adapted a minimalist lifestyle. I’ve sold or given away most of my possessions. I’ve been inspired by people like Tim Ferris and James Altucher, as well as Dr Wayne Dyer who gave up all his belongings and moved to Hawaii. Living this way has made moving to St Pete and then back to CT a much simpler process.

One of the hardest things to do was sell my collection of retro games. I remember my friends getting upset at me. Even though I did need the money to pay rent at the time, I didn’t sell them out of desperation. I actually enjoyed the process of researching the market price for each game I owned, tracking them in an excel sheet, and then negotiating with local retro game stores over prices. The very rare ones I sold on Amazon or Ebay. My rarest game was Mega Man X3 which now sells for close to $200, but I also had other rare titles like the original Mega Man for NES, and Worms Armageddon for N64.

Every time I’ve sold, donated, or threw out something I no longer needed, I felt physically lighter. My hope one day is to become a digital nomad, living short term in cities around the world, working remotely on my laptop out of cafes and co-working spaces. I was working towards this goal, but my health has been a major detour that I’m still navigating.

I’ve been fine living on very little. I’ve trained my body through intermittent fasting and water fasts. I’ve also learned to meditate, which helps when I’m running on very little sleep. I have a sleep mask I wear, and ear plugs if needed to catch a quick nap.

Most of the places I’m interested in living in are also very cheap, like Prague or Hanoi. With services like Airbnb, it’s easy to find affordable short term lodgings. The most expensive part is actually getting there.

In my current state of health it wouldn’t be worth traveling to these places, even if I had the means. Once I move back to CT, I’ll have to focus on getting paid work again and also finding a good Lyme doctor to help me recover. I’ve been in a constant state of depersonalization for the last year, which has made it difficult to enjoy anything, which I’ll get into more detail someday.

This was kind of a meandering blog post. I wanted to focus more on the art of traveling like a minimalist. My next blog post should be more focused. There are so many topics I want to get into, but it’s difficult to break them down in my current state of confusion.

Next post I’d like to share some tips I’ve learned over the last 5 years working remotely, living in airbnbs, and how I’ve simplified my life.

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