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Resident Evil 2 (2019) Review

I entered the survival horror when I first played Resident Evil 2 on the N64. The first time I saw the licker skitter across the outside of the Police Department window I froze in fear. I would continue to play it in short sessions, taking breaks when the tension got to be too much. Finally, … Continue reading Resident Evil 2 (2019) Review

Navigating the Maze Part 2

"(In the last blog post, I detailed the origins of Labyrinthine Dreams, the initial development, and our ambition to take it to a commercial level. This blog post will focus on the events leading up to the Steam release and the aftermath.) We initially projected a November 2013 commercial release which was very naive. Even … Continue reading Navigating the Maze Part 2"

Crunchitization: My 3 Months of Overtime Story

"A conversation about overtime in the game industry has sparked up again after the co-founder of Rockstar reported working 100 hour work weeks to finish up Red Dead Redemption 2. Excessive overtime, or crunch, is so common in the game industry that it’s hardly newsworthy anymore. It’s expected amongst developers, and is often praised as a … Continue reading Crunchitization: My 3 Months of Overtime Story"

Navigating the Maze Part 1

"Navigating the Maze: A Postmortem on the development of Labyrinthine Dreams (Part 1) (Digging through my old notes I found a postmortem I wrote of Labyrinthine Dreams six months after the release back in 2014 that I never published. I’ve revised it from the original note file but left the key points untouched) The seed … Continue reading Navigating the Maze Part 1"

What is a Game Producer?

"The last four years I’ve worked as a publishing producer for Degica Games. During that period I published several small indie titles and also promoted Japanese titles, mostly arcade ports, to a Western audience. Most people don’t know what a game producer actually does. I worked at a mobile game company for 3 years, and … Continue reading What is a Game Producer?"